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About Us

Who are we?

Holden Group is a family-owned group of Car Dealerships in Norwich, Norfolk. Holden Group has been looking after customers since 1928.  We represent the Kia, Volvo, Honda, Renault, Dacia, MG, Isuzu brands in Norwich and surrounding Norfolk areas. Holden offers new, nearly new and approved used cars and vans for sale to private and business clients. We offer servicing, repairs and maintenance for Norfolk motorists from its Norwich & Kings Lynn sites, all at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on having a trusted reputation for being knowledgeable and offering an honest and enjoyable experience.

We are pleased to have grown over the course of 2019, purchasing the Norfolk Motor Group and joining forces with Hylton Gott Ltd of Crimplesham. These strong alliances give us the ability to offer our services, to a wider area of Norfolk. We are positive these recent changes to all the business will have a great benefit to you, but also to our valued teams across Norfolk.

Our Team

Are we creating the life you want? - Is the question we ask ourselves, every day!

Your life is a journey, it’s one we’d love to be part of, maybe we can help or enrich that journey? We’ve turned a traditional approach on its head. Usually, businesses consider... what results do we want? And then… how can we get employees on board with that? We flipped it and asked… if employees have complete clarity on their personal goals and are inspired to focus and learn, what could we both achieve? So if a university isn't upset when students graduate and leave, let's acknowledge that our team and any future members are on their own journey. The more we teach you, the better we treat you, the longer your journey with us will be. Below is a snapshot of the area we help our team.



Why are we different?

There are two things we love most at Holden, our customers and cars. With over 90 years of experience we know that choosing the right car can be a difficult decision.