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COVID19- Update -Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID19 UPDATE -  APRIL 20th 2020

The well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority. 

Following the measures announced by the Prime Minister, our showroom and sales business will close until further notice. 

Our Renault service and repair operation will remain open to provide essential service for all Holden customers as required. 

The situation will be continuously reviewed based on further instruction from the Government. 

 We thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times. We wish you all the best and until this crisis is resolved - please stay safe.

*We are still taking enquiries online through our live chat service. Additionally, you can call Alex, our Digital Sales Assistant on 01603 283954 for any Sales, Motability Sales or any other urgent enquiries*

Please select an option below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

MOT expiry dates are being extended by 6 months to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


Your MOT certificate will be extended by 6 months if it was due to expire on or after 30 March 2020 and your vehicle is a:

  • car
  • motorcycle
  • light van
  • other light vehicles

This includes these types of vehicles that are due to their first-ever MOT test.

How the 6-month extension works

Your vehicle’s MOT expiry date will be automatically extended by 6 months if it’s eligible. This will be done just before it’s due to expire.

This means that:

  • your vehicle will still have a valid MOT certificate for an extra 6 months
  • you can still tax your vehicle
  • your insurance will still be valid
  • your vehicle’s record will be updated so the police can see you have a valid MOT

You will not get a new paper MOT certificate with the new expiry date on it.

You must still keep your vehicle safe to drive.

If you have an emergency with your vehicles such as a breakdown, mechanical failure or accident, please call one of the following numbers to assist you with your request:

Honda UK
Honda Breakdown: 0800 521 728
Honda Accident Assistance: 0800 521 728
Honda Customer Service: 01344 888 489
Honda Financial Services: 0345 128 8908

Volvo Cars UK
Volvo Assistance: 0800 777116
Volvo UK Customer Service: 01628 422522
Volvo Car Financial Services: 0800 0851 759

Renault UK
Renault Assistance: 0800 085 8005
Renault Z.E. Assistance: 0800 169 7985
Renault UK Customer Service: 0344 335 0000
RCI Financial Services: 0333 009 0233

Kia UK
KIA Assist: 0800 015 8762
Kia Customer Service: 0333 202 2990
Kia Insurance Services: 0800 917 2532

UK Breakdown Assistance: 0800 072 3338
MG UK Customer Service: 020 3917 5821
Santander Consumer Finance Customer Service: 0800 085 1759

Isuzu UK
Customer services: 03303 335122

Due to the nationwide lockdown, all vehicle handovers have been postponed until the lockdown has been lifted. Once the nationwide lockdown has been lifted, we will contact you to rearrange your appointment to take delivery of your new car. 

Motability Operations Centre is currently closed until further notice. Any vehicle coming to the end of its agreement within the lockdown period is automatically extended until further notice. Due to the above, no new Motability agreements can be processed until they return to work. If you are looking to secure car your next car, this can be arranged by way of a £250 holding deposit. 

If your contract is coming to an end during this current lockdown period all contracts will continue until further notice.

Manufacturer warranties will not be affected if the vehicle is not serviced within the timeframe set up by the manufacturer. 

If your tax is due within 4 weeks of the MOT date you may not be able to tax the vehicle online. As the GOVT has extended MOT periods for vehicles due after 30th March 2020 for 6 months. The DVLA computer will show the vehicle as not having a current MOT. This means taxing the car online will not be possible. You are still able to supply an MOT certificate and tax the car at the Post Office.

All Roadside assistance policies are a 12-month policy. As we are not able to service all vehicles within this 12 month period, the policy will still end on its due date. In order to be covered by AA Roadside assistance, you will need to purchase a new 12 month policy direct from the AA.

Please select all the methods by which you are happy to be contacted by Holden Group in future: