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XC40 Recharge

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100% Electric | Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo Recharge.

Introducing our new line of pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

Recharge powertrains

Pure electric

Sometimes quiet is the most powerful way to go, with zero tailpipe emissions and less noise at all speeds. Powered by a high-voltage battery and dual electric motors, our XC40 Recharge pure electric is pure progress for the road ahead.

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Plug-in hybrid

Less petrol, more purpose. In our Recharge plug-in hybrids, an electric motor and combustion engine team together for a choice of pure electric mode, power mode and hybrid mode, giving you total driving control and lower tailpipe emissions.

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Available Recharge models

XC40 Recharge

XC90 Recharge

Get a complimentary wallbox charger + installation

Electrified life, made easy. Through our partner NewMotion, you'll receive a complimentary home charge point – complete with installation service and round-the-clock support. This offer is exclusive to Volvo customers who have subscribed to a car for a fixed 36-month period or purchased a car outright online.*

Smarter charging

Start each day fully charged. Charging your Volvo pure electric or plug-in hybrid car at home is the smart way to stay topped up – it’s both efficient and economical.

Professional installation

Your wallbox includes set-up, installation and registration. No additional costs, no hassle. Our installation partner will also assist with future maintenance or repairs.

24/7 customer support

From remote troubleshooting to on-site support, your wallbox includes 24/7 customer service. Get help quickly via phone or email.

*Customers must meet all eligibility criteria for both the EVHS grant and NewMotion’s Terms & Conditions. Read the full T&Cs for this offer here

Note: If you subscribe to a car flexibly with 3 months’ notice, you can buy a home charge point from NewMotion at a competitive price (exclusive to Volvo customers). Contact our Customer Relations Centre for details.

Once you’ve subscribed to or purchased a car online, we’ll direct you to our partner’s site where you can order your home charge point using the discount code provided.  

You’ll need to provide the discount code and either your Vehicle Order Number e.g. GB-XXXXXXXXXX (for new Volvo customers) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN, for existing Volvo customers). Contact our Customer Relations Centre for more information. 

Short distances

With a pure electric, you should have enough range for your daily trips, and will likely only need to charge a few times per week. With a plug-in hybrid, you can drive each way in electric mode, but you may need to charge after each trip in order to minimize fuel usage

Moderate distances

With a pure electric, you should have enough range for your daily trips, but may need to charge at each end-point. With a plug-in hybrid, you will be using a combination of electricity and fuel.

Longer distances

A pure electric can offer enough range for a long commute or weekend getaway, though you will need to coordinate charging opportunities. A plug-in hybrid will use a combination of electricity and fuel.

How long does it take to charge?

Charging times vary with charging format and vehicle type.*

* Charging times are also dependent on factors such as outdoor temperature, current battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition and car condition.

Charging a pure electric car

To make the most of the battery life in a pure electric car, we recommend AC charging the battery up to 90 per cent capacity for typical daily driving, and preferably not letting the charge fall below 20 per cent. The car can offer plenty of range for daily trips, and you'll likely only need to top up the charge throughout the week.

40 min – 2 h

With DC fast charging (50–150kW)

8 – 10 h

With 11kW AC fast charging/wallbox


Charging a plug-in hybrid car

Regularly charging the battery to 100% is a great way to make the most of a plug-in hybrid’s electric range. With the fuel engine present, charge can get low without concern.

3 - 4 h

With 3.6kW AC fast charging/wallbox

4 - 8 h

With AC charging 220V household connector


To find our more about charging an Electric Volvo, here are some great videos to answer more commonly asked questions.

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