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Holden Group Careers

Our purpose is to help you create the life you want

Are you creating the life you want?

Is the question we ask ourselves, every day! Your life is a journey, it’s one we’d love to be part of, maybe we can help or enrich that journey? We’ve turned a traditional approach on its head. Usually, businesses consider... what results do we want? And then… how can we get employees on board with that? We flipped it and asked… if employees have complete clarity on their personal goals and are inspired to focus and learn, what could we both achieve? So if a university isn't upset when students graduate and leave, let's acknowledge that our team and any future members are on their own journey. The more we teach you, the better we treat you, the longer your journey with us will be. Below is a snapshot of the area we help our team.

What Holden Can Give To You

Meet the team!

Don't just take our word for it

Our average length of service is 11 years, and however long they stay, our employee survey results tell us we have a happy, motivated workforce focused on creating the lives they want.

Darren Sexton

Darren started with Holden Motors Volvo in May 1988 as a Service Technician. He then transferred to Holden Western Ltd (Chrysler Jeep) in February 2000. In August 2006 he transferred to Reliance Garage Ltd and then transferred to Holden Volvo October 2011

Date started: 23/05/1988
Age started: 21
Years: 30

Philip Miller

Phil started as a Sales Executive with Reliance Garage Ltd in February 1992. He then became fleet Sales Manager in November 1992. Then he was promoted to New Vehicle Sales Manager for Reliance Garage in April 1997 and in January 2013 he was promoted to Group General Sales Manager.

Date started: 03/02/1992
Age started: 29
Years: 26

Ana Riberio

Ana joined us from another motor dealership with further experience in the communications industry and is a great modern addition to the Holden Group sales team. Watch out lads, there's new competition!
Age started: 31
Years: 1 year 3 months

Sharon Vout

Sharon started as a Sales Administrator Assistant with Holden Motors Volvo in 1987. She then transferred to Holden & Holden as Group Vehicle Stock Books Controller in September 2005 and then changed role to Sales Ledger Clerk/Credit Controller in April 2006.

Date started: 15/06/1987
Age started: 22
Years: 31

Alex Pollard

Alex started as an apprentice in 2018. He has joined the group as our Digital Assistant and is currently studying Digital Marketing & Communications Level 3 at City College, Norwich.

Date started 09/01/18
Age started 16
Years: 2 years

Michelle Cocker

Michelle cocker started as a Purchase Ledge Clerk. Whilst assisting in accounts Michelle has gone on to complete her HR qualifications, Level 3 Foundation Certificate in HR practice and CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Diploma in HR management and is now an Assoc CIPD.

Date started: 01/03/2001
Age started: 32
Years: 18

Dariusz Wlodarczyk

Dariusz joined us from a recruitment drive as a Trainee Sales Executive in 2011 at Holden Honda. He had a background in catering and hospitality but had no previous experience in the automotive industry. Within 2 years Dariusz progressed from an excellent salesman to Senior Sales Executive at Holden Renault and won our Sales Executive of the Year Award in 2015 beating all other sales executives from our 3 franchises

Simon Woods

Simon Woods joined us junior service advisor, with a keen interest and background in IT, he quickly became an assistant to the IT manager and now heads up the IT & Communications for the group and has an assistant aiding his day to day workload.

Date started: 10/09/2001
Age started: 25
Years: 18

MotorTrader Industry Awards
Employer Of The Year 2018

We are so proud to have been shortlisted and won the prestigious award Employer of the Year Award 2018.

Best Employers Eastern Region 2018
Gold Accreditation

We've been awarded a Best Employers Gold Accreditation for the Eastern Region 2018!

Best Employers Eastern Region 2018
Gold Accreditation

We've been awarded a Best Employers Gold Accreditation for the Eastern Region 2018!

Motor trade facts...

Did you know?

129,000 people are employed in the UK Automotive Industry
85,000 plug in electric cars were on the road in the UK as of Jan 2017
The average car has around 30,000 parts
The car is the most recycled product in the World
The UK is home to over 40 vehicle manufacturers
A new car rolls off the production line every 20 seconds
The most popular car colour in the world is white
Betty tops the list of most popular car names!